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IT Consultancy

Today, IT is increasingly a significant enabler for achieving business objectives. In most cases, company owners find themselves at crossroads with their existing solutions.

Social Marketing

Social media optimization puts every business in advantageous position to tap the interactions that occur in this platform provides a boost to the operations of every business

Mobile Application

Being a leading Mobile App Development company, developing mobile apps with feature-packed applications and transformative mobile experience.

Website Design

Providing the user-friendly, innovative and attractive websites by our expert web designer using latest tools and technology.

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Why Choose Us?

Atamps Ventures has over ten years of experience in the IT field and brings together highly-qualified and dedicated professionals. Our team of consultants helps businesses and companies of small and medium-size to improve and optimize their work and service delivery. These are people who come up with bright ideas and unique solutions for companies based on their needs, structure, and software. The profound analysis allows us to find the weakest spots and make changes according to the latest trends. We build strategies that suit our customers’ needs and will lead to better performance and higher leverage. Our company will not only suggest the right technologies and strategy for your enterprise but also help you implement them. We always follow the latest trends and use up-to-date technologies that help business in different industries to grow, enhance their performance, stay competitive, and bring better results for the enterprise.

Who we are and what we do??

Consulting IT is crucial for companies as the competition between powerful businesses is high and requires a solid background strategy in order to occupy your specific niche on the market and reach your target audience. Technical consultants are the ones who work on business strategies for businesses and their products. We develop and provide solutions that help companies stay on top within the market, satisfy the needs of modern customers, and bring more revenue for the company. We follow all the latest trends, news, and changes to help business keep up with them, know how to adjust companies to these changes, and help them grow. ATamps Ventures works with experts who have excellent analytical skills, know all the peculiarities of the modern market, and can come up with unique business strategies for our customers.

What software services do we offer??

IT consultancy services that we offer are forwarded towards the improvement of your software architecture, development of tech-based digital strategy, and enhancement of operations by optimization of software portfolio. We live in a fast-changing world that sets high standards, and in order not to lose your positions on the market, you need experts in your team who know how to make the smooth and cost-effective transition from outdated IT systems to the new ones within short time frames. We aim to help you stay competitive, set high-quality services, and suit the needs of modern customers. Atamps Ventures experts analyze how businesses and their employees use their software and provide suggestions on how to improve the existing infrastructure, integrate new technologies, and make required changes. Our teams know all the pitfalls on the way to digital transformation. They have profound ideas and solutions that will help you survive the competition and facilitate the work of your employees.

Why software are necessary for business??

When starting a new business or creating a new product in realms of the modern digital market, it is essential to think through all the aspects that are involved in the process. Nowadays, you need people in your team who are professionals, have the required expertise, and can provide you with the business strategy. It is necessary as taking direction in the digital transformation of the company is not easy and brings years of experience, profound technical skills, and understanding of the modern market. For this reason, Atamps Ventures offers consulting services that help enterprises automate processes and operations within the company, use the latest technologies to get the most benefits. A coherent and effective strategy is 50 percent of success, and here in Atamps Ventures, we have all the necessary resources, including tech tools and professional team members, that can build a strategy to suit the needs of your business.

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